Today, Lisa Blue is celebrating that the world is listening to THE CALL OF THE WHALE.

On 31 March 2014, the International Court of Justice (IJC) delivered its decision on the legal case brought by Australia against Japan to stop its so-called scientific whaling program (JARPA II) in the Antarctic.

The ICJ presented seven findings, the last of which is that Japan must revoke the permits that have allowed its whalers to kill whales in the Antarctic, and must not issue any more.

In other words – Japan must stop its Antarctic whaling.

This is based on their decision, by 12 votes to 4, that Japan’s whaling programm in the Antarctic is not in accordance with the provisions of the International Whaling Commission.

Importantly, the ICJ’s first finding was that it has the appropriate jurisdiction to make these rulings.

The Australian Government formally began its legal proceedings in May 2010, led by then Environment Minister Peter Garrett. The Opposition leader at the time, Tony Abbott, opposed the move stating that “a Coalition government would not take international legal action against Japanese whaling”.

The ICJ process is a long one, and the case was not heard in the Hague until mid-2013.

The rulings of the IWC are binding and final and cannot be appealed.

Whale swim

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We love it when we see our swimwear featured on fashion blogs!

Due to a number of our Instagram followers asking where you can purchase this swimsuit we thought it would be best to repost these images along with the direct links to purchase.
It is from the previous season but still available through www.violetsknickers.com

Model Shiralee Coleman from Kitten Ink
Photography CJ Hadlow 











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Every Lisa Blue collection has its own style and inspiration, and therefore each collection needs a unique photo shoot location to showcase the pieces in the best light. As the launch date for our USA Summer 2014 draws closer, we’re giving you a sneak peak at the photo shoots behind some of our new collections.

These photos are from our Perth photo shoot, which was shot in two locations with the same crew and beautiful model Iris Kavka. The first photo is from our shoot in the Western Australian desert, which has amazing sand dunes. The rest of the below photos were taken on Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth.

Our Perth photo shoot team was awesome, and these photos showcase the hard work that went into the shoot and some of the fun we had while on location. Big thanks to our team: Photographer – George Favios, Technical assistant - Justin Griffiths, Lighting assistant – Steve Brown, Videographer – Rick Rifici, and Hair and makeup – Ashlea Penfold.

Check out the beautiful behind the scenes shots and get excited for the new collections coming out soon!

Perth ShootAre you excited for the new collections? Tell us on Instagram.

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Its giveaway time!

Tag #ilovelisablue of you wearing @lisablueswim or your favourite Lisa Blue swim image for the chance to win a bikini – with a new winner announced every 1000 followers

You can post an image on either Facebook or Instagram or both, and enter as many times as you like. More entries = more chances!







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Last year Lisa went to Europe to enjoy the picturesque views of Italy…

As you can see she is wearing the Sorceress black velvet one piece, giving the sample design a test run over the summer – to ensure only the best for her Lisa Blue customers. Enjoying the best of the Amalfi Coast, the sunkissed days were spent boating and enjoying the Italian water. Noting as always what the fashionable Italians were wearing to the beach, while doing her design research for the next range.

Lisa left her heart in Positano XO

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The Lisa Blue team is beyond excited for our second summer 2014 collections to launch soon in the USA! Since we are a few weeks away, we thought it was a good time to share some of Lisa’s design inspiration for her 2014 collections.

Lisa believes that every girl can be what she dreams, and your style can reflect those dreams. The various 2014 Lisa Blue collections appeal to many different styles, since Lisa gathers her inspiration from her travels, passion for the whales and her own style icons. Below are four of Lisa Burke’s design inspirations for the Sorceress collection, which is currently available online.


What are your style inspirations?

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There are only two seasons for any true Lisa Blue fan – bikini season and the few short months we spend getting ready for bikini season. State side, our team is happy to see the long winter pass and is excited that spring is finally on its way.

Lisa Burke, the designer and founder of Lisa Blue Swim, is all about health when getting ready to debut her newest collections. Below are some of her spring detox essentials. This year, Lisa’s New York City team is enlisting the help of our friends at Pulp to help make our fridge a little more detox friendly.

Ginger: Ginger is the crown jewel of the detox world. Lisa loves finding it in her favorite juices and sometimes our good friends at Pulp, will even serve it up in shot form.

Beets: Beets are a must have on any detox regimen. They help us fast-track our way to those fab beach abs that look oh-so good in Lisa’s latest design.

Let’s Go Greens: Be it salads or green juice, there is no better way to get healthy and bikini ready than by eating greens. Lisa loves having greens at most meals as part of her detox regimen.

Coconut: There’s nothing more chic than drinking coconut water on the beach. This fun little drink has plenty of detox benefits that we love tapping into long before our toes hit the sand.

What are your favorite detox tips and tricks? 

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Miss Lisa Blue

Designer Lisa Burke recently hosted a competition to find the new face of Lisa Blue.

Looking through the incredible talent, it was obvious that it was going to be a tough competition. Australian models were vying for the sought after opportunity to feature in a new Lisa Blue Campaign. Lisa takes her photo shoots in her creative stride and is very proud of how her team and the work that goes into each image, bringing her beautiful designs come to life.

After much deliberation, Lisa found the perfect girl. Stunning model, Shontina Rose was awarded the winner. She also noticed young Danni Hughes who was awarded Runner Up.

After the announcement, a photo shoot was arranged on the Gold Coast with Photographer Mira Eady. Tugun Beach opened up with dreamy weather, and the team worked from sunrise to sunset in the picturesque location at Lisa’s Penthouse.

All styles are from the Summer 2014 Collection – Sorceress and Winged Ones
All swimwear can be purchased here: www.lisablue.com.au

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Lisa's Beach Bag

Everyone has different essentials they bring along for a day on the beach. If you’re there to catch rays, then you have your sun tanning necessities. If you’re a surfer, you might carry around some board wax. Maybe you just like to relax, so you bring a good summer book. And if you’re an all day beach dweller, you probably have some snacks with you. Lisa Blue designer, Lisa Burke, is a true beach girl, and has narrowed her beach bag down to the basics.

So, what’s inside Lisa’s beach bag? Here are her main essentials:

What's In Lisa's Bag

1. Fashion magazines: Lisa likes to have some fashion magazines ready to read when she’s relaxing on the beach. She’s partial Vogue, the US, French and UK versions.

2. Sunscreen: This is the one thing you really cannot leave home without when you’re heading to the beach. If you plan on going into the water, or staying longer than a couple hours, you need to reapply your sunscreen. It’s always best to have more sunscreen than you think you will need.

3. An apple: When you’re spending long days at the beach, it’s always good to have a healthy snack available. Lisa’s snack of choice, which she always has in her beach bag, is an apple.

4. Bottle of water: You need to make sure you stay hydrated when you’re in the sun all day, especially if you’re working up a sweat during your beach day.

Does this sound like the contents of your beach bag? What items can you not live without during a day at the beach? 

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Oh we love these…

The super-yachts of the future look so stylish and sleek. Can’t you just picture yourself being whisked around the Agean (or Carribbean… or ANY exotic sea) in something like this?
Lisa Blue Swimwear

These designs are the brainchild of Iraqi-British architect, Dame Zaha Hadid. Her inspirational work was commissioned by German ship builder Blohm + Voss who had her design five different yachts and one mother-ship.

Including a staircase and interior pool, the designs are inspired by “fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems” .

Now, next question: Which Lisa Blue bikini to wear when we’re invited aboard?

Lisa Blue Swimwear

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Water Drop Photography

Aren’t these just stunning?

León Dafónte Fernández is an amateur photographer living in Cairns, Queensland, who has been experimenting with high speed photography since 2011.

We absolutely adore his work. These miniature aquatic ‘sculptures’, existing for a mere nano-second in time, are brilliantly captured with León’s artistic eye, a macro lens and short duration flash. He uses photoshop only to clean up the background and adjust contrast. The rest is a result of liquid, light and physics.

Loving water as we do here at Lisa Blue, we’re always overjoyed to find other creative souls who combine liquid with their imagination to produce such artistically pleasing results.

See more of León’s work at fineartamerica.com



Beautiful photography of water droplets

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We’re so fortunate to be oceanside here in Byron Bay, home of Lisa Blue.

Facing east, we’re treated to the hypnotic play of light on waves the beautiful palettes of colour created at dusk as the sun sets. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, this magical spectacle occurs at sunrise, when the golden glow of warm rays hit the waves that meet America’s west coast.

Californian photographer David Orias has perfectly captured the beauty that occurs when the glassy sea reflects a faraway star.

Sunrise there, Sunset here… when the ocean water and air meet the light that sits low on the horizon, magic happens.


Photography: David OriasPhotography: David OriasPhotography: David OriasPhotography: David OriasPhotography: David OriasPhotography: David Orias











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Fascinated by the flow of water, and the other inspirational patterns that occur in nature, Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser has produced a stunning body of work recently, with beautifully aquatic influences.

Using rolled paper and paint, she painstakingly creates visual representations of
underwater reefs and landscapes. They evoke the magic of the marine world and are wonderfully titled: “Mineral Turquoise“, “Cove” & “Aquamarine Falls“, to name a few.

Genser describes the composition and editing part of the  process as taking the longest:

The actual rolling and cutting process is actually pretty quick. … It’s like putting a puzzle together, only I don’t know the final picture until I see it. 



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Anywhere that we can go from rainforest to beach in the same day, well, it has our heart.


The magical island of Madagascar, off the eastern coast of Africa, is the world’s fourth largest island and home to kaleidoscopic beauty. Renowned for really diverse nature, amazing landscapes and some rather unusual animals, this place has it all.

Madagascar’s roads are notorious for bumps and slides and potholes, but with beaches like these it’s tempting not to stray too far from your hammock! Perhaps  a better option is to explore by sea in a pirogue (dugout canoe). With over 5000 kms of coastline and 200 neighbouring islands, that should keep you busy.

Our friends, the humpback whales, also love Madagascar. If you’re lucky you may get to see the whales breeching, surely one of the world’s most majestic spectacles. With so much natural beauty, vibrant colour, amazing beaches and abundant marine life, it’s no wonder Madagascar is Lisa Blue‘s hot bikini destination of the week.



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The Only Way is Essex star Chloe Sims looks just gorgeous in Lisa Blue Swimwear.
Here she is wearing pieces from our Pin-Up, Flamingo and Enchantress collections:

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Aren’t these just stunning?

Stunning Jellyfish Lamp by Roxy Russell

Recycled plastic Jellyfish lamps by Roxy Russell

Californian designer Roxy Russell has literally illuminated an important concern and simultaneously created an ocean-inspired work of beauty.

Her work brings focus to the enormous problem of plastics in the ocean by, somewhat ironically, designing lamps that emulate the flowing lines of those ethereal invertebrates, jellyfish.

Russell recognises the duality of her message. In an interview on her website with Victor Van Gasbeek, she says “I don’t believe the PET is an evil material, it is the way we use it. We will never be able to completely eliminate something as versatile as plastics. The reason that they are used up to a large extent and considered ‘environmental friendly’ is because it is safe, non-toxic, doesn’t have plasticizers, and don’t contain heavy metals. Of course, the main advantages of this polymer are that these can be recycled.”

Not only are Roxy Russell’s lamps a wonderful metaphor for how delicate and precious marine life is, they also show that beauty can come from the things that humans often thoughtlessly discard.

Knowing that so many ocean birds and fish die from being tangled in, or swallowing, our plastic rubbish, we agree that recycling PET into these artistic forms will certainly light up the lives of many.

We’ve had requests through our Facebook page and on Twitter from fans wanting to know where they can purchase these lamps.

Try here.

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We’ve got a fun competition happening over on Instagram. It’s a 10-day ‘Treasure Hunt’. Between March 1- 10, upload pictures with the following ‘flavors’, and you can win yourself some gorgeous Lisa Blue swimwear!

  • Something beachy
  • Writing in the sand
  • An ocean animal
  • Your favorite time of day
  • An island location
  • Your favorite Lisa Blue bikini
  • A quote about the ocean
  • Cute beach hair
  • Something Australian
  • Your most treasured possession.
Just follow @lisablueswim on Instagram and tag your pics #lisabluetreasurehunt to be in to win. Good luck!
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La Canzone del Mare is situated in one of the world’s most beautiful places: the enchanting bay of Marina Piccola on the island of Capri.  In the 1950′s and 60′s, the resort was extremely popular with the most stylish members of the international jet set, who would holiday here.



Faraglioni is the collective name for three stacks located off the island in the Bay of Naples.

Detail of Artwork by Jonathon Earl Bowser - www.JonathonArt.com

It is here that the legendary sirens existed.  Considered by early scholars to be daughters of Phorcys, the God of the Sea, they sang sad and sweet songs to lure in sailors (hey, we’ve all got pick up lines that work!) with many succumbing to their hypnotic and enchanting voices.





With Capri’s mesmerising blue waters, legends of enchanting sirens and contemporary glamour it makes a perfect Hot Bikini Destination. And the perfect place to wear your Lisa Blue Enchantress swimsuit!



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We’re always astounded by the beautiful phenomenon of bioluminescence.

Sea Sparkle

Gippsland's Lake Victoria is aglow at night. Photo: Phil Hart

Sometimes referred to as ‘Sea sparkle’, the microscopic plankton that cause this spectacle make appearances on coastlines around the world. This recent occurrence, however has been sighted a bit closer to the Lisa Blue HQ, in the southern waters of Australia, at Lake Victoria in Gippsland.
Swimming in ‘Sea-sparkle’ is an absolutely unforgettable experience. The electric blue micro-organism poses no risk to health, it’s honestly like swimming through the stars.

We love it!

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As far as exotic and hot bikini destinations go,  this is one for the ‘Good Room’.

Lisa Blue Hot  Bikini Destination Tosua

This beautiful tide pool, or ocean trench is called Tosua and is situated close to Lotofaga, which is a village on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa. Tosua means “Gigantic Swimming Hole”and it’s thought that lava blow holes make these amazing pools. Walking paths along the shore and near the ocean’s edge will get you there. Then you’ll climb down a long ladder to the natural pool, about 30 meters below.

Once you get into the crystal clear waters, yell out to your friends above to take a photo of you in your Lisa Blue bikini… and send it to us. We’ll be sea-green with envy!

Lisa Blue Hot Bikini Destination Tosua Samoa.jpg

Tosua Samoa


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